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lift +‎ gate


liftgate (plural liftgates)

  1. (truck equipment) A hydraulic or electric platform that installs onto the rear of a vehicle and which may be raised or lowered in the loading/unloading of heavy cargo
    • 2013 July 1, Sean Lyden, “Need a Lift? Remember to Spec the Right Liftgate”, in Work Truck Magazine[1], archived from the original on 25 May 2015:
      If the liftgate is for a dry van body, the body’s width — for example 96 or 102 inches — impacts the liftgate’s overall width and available platform sizes.
  2. (automotive) A closure at the rear of a vehicle, or rear door, that can be raised to access the back of a vehicle
    • 2007 September 30, Christopher Jensen, “The Rerunning of the Bulls”, in New York Times[2]:
      But Ford loaded that car up with options, including [] a power liftgate and heated second-row seats ($825).