like fun

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

like fun

  1. (manner, US, dated) Intensely.
    • 1895, Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage, page 8:
      A course it might happen that th' hull kit-an'-boodle might start an' run, if some big fightin' come first-off, an' then a'gin, they might stay an' fight like fun.
    • c. 1868, James Crane, a song, in Nothing like it in the world: the men who built the transcontinental railroad, Stephen E. Ambrose, 2001, page 286:
      "The railway's begun The Mormons are cutting / And grading like fun."
  2. (as response, US, dated) Definitely not.
    • 1927 October 7, “Chess Championship.”, in Ottawa Citizen:
      Do they think I have a million dollars and spend it? Like fun I do. Not with the kind of discipline my parents believe in.
    • a. 1946, Raymond J. Healy, J. Francis McComas, editor, Adventures in time and space: an anthology of modern science-fiction stories, page 607:
      "Give me that gun!" "Like fun I will," Leigh snapped.