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Alternative forms[edit]


line break (plural line breaks)

  1. (typography) A point in writing where text that would normally continue on the same line starts at the beginning of a new line.
  2. (computing) A character indicating that subsequent characters should appear on a separate line of text.
    Coordinate terms: newline, line feed, carriage return
    Related terms: page break, paragraph break, section break, word break (intersyllabic break), word break (word boundary)
  3. (rugby) a break made through the opposition's defensive line
    • 2011 September 24, Ben Dirs, “Rugby World Cup 2011: England 67-3 Romania”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Toby Flood replaced Wilkinson at the break and scrum-half Ben Youngs scored almost directly from the restart, spotting a gap down the short side and linking well with Tuilagi down the right flank, and nine minutes later full-back Ben Foden extended England's lead following a bullocking line-break by Tuilagi.