liquid bread

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From being a liquid made from the ingredients used to make bread (grain, yeast, water).


liquid bread (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Synonym of beer
    • 1841, “To the Rev. Mortlock Daniell of Ramsgate”, in The New British and Foreign Temperance Magazine, page 231:
      “The well-known Dr. Kitchener,” however, has discovered, that homebrewed beer is “liquid bread.”
    • 2015, Kaori O'Connor, The Never-ending Feast: The Anthropology and Archaeology of Feasting:
      As “liquid bread” (see Schiefenhovel and Macbeth 2011), the nutritional benefits of beer are commendable, with barley-beer containing more B vitamins and the essential amino acid lysine than barley bread.