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From Middle English litigious, from Latin lītigiōsus. Compare Middle French litigieux.



litigious (comparative more litigious, superlative most litigious)

  1. Of or relating to litigation.
    • 1732 March 6 (Gregorian calendar; date written), [Jonathan Swift], Considerations upon Two Bills Sent Down from the R[ight] H[onourable] the H[ouse] of L[ords] to the H[onoura]ble H[ouse] of C[ommons of Ireland] Relating to the Clergy of I[relan]d, London: [] A. Moore, [], published 1732, →OCLC, page 18:
      This vvould of Neceſſity, breed an infinite Number of Brangles and litigious Suits in the Spiritual Courts, and put the vvretched Paſtor at perpetual Variance vvith his vvhole Pariſh.
  2. Inclined to engage in lawsuits.
  3. Argumentative or combative.



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