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long green (uncountable)

  1. (idiomatic, slang, often preceded by some or the) Money, especially in the form of cash.
    • 1912, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 20, in The Prince and Betty:
      "Why, a guy come to me and wants to give me half a ton of the long green to go to dat poiper what youse was woikin' on and fix de guy what's runnin' it."
    • 1951 November 12, “Less Take-Home Pay”, in Pittsburgh Post Gazette, retrieved 1 October 2010, page 16:
      Under the latest tax increase, for instance, a worker with a wife and one child who earns $80 a week will have $8.60 taken out before the long green crosses his palm.
    • 2002 January 15, Al Brumley, “'Chamber' may scare off viewers rather than scare up ratings”, in Dallas Morning News, retrieved 1 October 2010:
      Fox's new game show, The Chamber, lets people suffer to their hearts' content, with the hope of winning some long green, too.