loony lefty

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loony lefty (plural loony lefties)

  1. (informal, derogatory) a member of the loony left
    • 1994, Meryl Aldridge, Making Social Work News [1]
      This is the tabloid world of snoopers, bunglers, loony lefties and little Hitlers.
    • 1998, Sylvia Bashevkin, Women on the Defensive [2]
      We are in no way open to the charge that we are loony lefties running the organization on behalf of some fringe interests.
    • 2004, T D Allman, Rogue State [3]
      This put the “conservative” Cheney in the same camp as looney lefties like former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, whose opposition to the Iraq sanctions derived from their own peculiar “good versus evil” take on US-Iraq relations.