low hangers

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Alternative forms[edit]


low hangers pl (plural only)

  1. (plural only) A large pair of testicles and scrotum.
    • 2001, Darwin Porter, Hollywood's Silent Closet, page 203
      He was a prize male with the sexual aura of a massive hunk with low hangers.
    • 2011, Marc Anthony, The Sweeter the Juice, page 269
      His balls were smooth and the biggest set of low hangers I had ever seen.
    • 2012, Kyle Cicero, Masters of Asia, page 23
      He dropped his tight cotton briefs to reveal to Sano what he suspected : the ex state trooper, military man, and bodyguard was very well hung with a 9” long and thick uncut rod and a set of full rounded low hangers that swayed wantonly...