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From the Latin lūcubrātiō (nighttime study), from lūcubrō (work by artificial light), from lūx (light).



lucubration (countable and uncountable, plural lucubrations)

  1. Intense and prolonged study or meditation; especially, late at night.
  2. The product of such study; often, writings.
    • 1850, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
      With his own ghostly voice, he had exhorted me, on the sacred consideration of my filial duty and reverence towards him,—who might reasonably regard himself as my official ancestor,—to bring his mouldy and moth-eaten lucubrations before the public.
    • 1868, The Road to Peace — a Solid, Durable Peace, by Carl Schurz
      There is General Blair. True, his lucubrations on negro supremacy are ludicrous enough, but it will not do to speak lightly of his ability. There is power in his organization.