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A man and a dog surrounded by lumination in the form of lamps

From Latin *lūminātiō, *lūminātiōnem (illumination), from lūminār, lūmināre (from lūminō (to brighten, to illuminate; to reveal (throw light on)), from lūmen (light) (probably from lūx (light) + -men (suffix forming neuter nouns of the third declension)), from Proto-Indo-European *lewk-s-men (light) (from Proto-Italic *louks, from Proto-Indo-European *lewk- (bright; light; white) + *-mn̥ (suffix indicating a noun))) + Latin -tiō, -tiōnem (-tion, suffix forming a noun relating to some action or the result of an action) (from Proto-Italic *-tiō, from Proto-Indo-European *-tis (suffix forming nouns from verbs)).



lumination (countable and uncountable, plural luminations)

  1. (rare) Illumination; specifically, artificial illumination.



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