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Borrowed from Latin lustratio.


lustration (countable and uncountable, plural lustrations)

  1. (religion) A rite of purification, especially washing.
    • 1830, Felicia Hemans, A Song of Delos, footnote, from The Winter's Wreath, 1831, page 49:
      It will be remembered, that this beautiful Island was sacred to the ancient Greeks, from having been the birth-place of Apollo and Diana. None were born or died there—the mothers and the dying were carried to the neighbouring islet of Rhane. Solemn expeditions, with much priestly pomp, were frequently made from Athens to enforce this ordinance, particularly to propitiate the Gods in time of public calamity. Our era refers to the celebrated lustration, at the time of the Peloponnesian war, during the plague of Athens.
  2. (politics, law) The restoration of credibility to a government by the purging of perpetrators of crimes committed under an earlier regime.

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