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Alternative forms[edit]


Hutchins (1909) records m'Tamàyu as the Kikuyu name for Olea chrysophilla (sic!).[2]


As for Tonal Class, Benson (1964) classifies this term into Class 2.
  • (Kiambu)
  • (Limuru) IPA(key): /mòtàmáíjó/
Yukawa (1981) classifies this term into a group whose remaining member is mũthongorima.[3]


mũtamaiyũ class 3 (plural mĩtamaiyũ)

  1. wild olive,[4], brown olive[4] (Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata, syn. O. africana,[1][5] O. europaea subsp. africana[4], O. chrysophylla)
    Synonym: mũtero

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