made in Italy

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From the English label attached to such products.


made in Italy m (invariable)

  1. (of goods) manufactured in Italy, especially when made for export
    • 2004, Giuseppe Lo Russo, Dolce Natale. Panettone e pandoro. Una tradizione italiana.
    • [] rischiano di compromettere l'immagine dello stesso prodotto made in Italy.
      [] risks compromising the image of the same product made in Italy.


made in Italy m (invariable)

  1. Italian manufactured goods, considered as a whole, especially when made for export
    • 2006, Giovanni Caporaso, Guida per Investire in Venezuela:
    • II "made in Italy" in Venezuela continua a godere di un buon posizionamento nel mercato
      In Venezuela "Made in Italy" goods continue to enjoy a good positioning in the marketplace