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maleficium n (genitive maleficiī); second declension

  1. crime, misdeed, offence
  2. injury, hurt, wrong
  3. fraud, deception


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative maleficium maleficia
genitive maleficiī maleficiōrum
dative maleficiō maleficiīs
accusative maleficium maleficia
ablative maleficiō maleficiīs
vocative maleficium maleficia



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    • to return evil for good: benefacta maleficiis pensare
    • to return good for evil: maleficia benefactis remunerari
    • to return good for evil: pro maleficiis beneficia reddere
    • his guilty conscience gives him no rest: conscientiae maleficiorum stimulant aliquem