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From mal (mabla (from Mandarin (), English mal-, Hindi अल्पकारी (alpakārī), Spanish mal, Russian умалять (umaljatʹ)), derogative) and glico (English), from English English.


malglico (common form of malgli)

  1. x1 pertains to the English language in aspect x2, and is derogatorily viewed by x3.
  2. x1 is inappropriately English in aspect x2; x1 is an anglicism.

Usage notes[edit]

malglico is often used in English to describe an "un-Lojbanic" statement. It is malglico to say: "ti du le mi patfu" (which roughly means "this-which-I-point-at mathematically-equals the father which-is-associated-with me"). It is more "Lojbanic" to use inherent place structure: "ti patfu mi" (or, "this fathers me").

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