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mamogram (plural mamograms)

  1. Non-standard spelling of mammogram.
    • 1985, United States House Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, Health and the Environment, Miscellaneous [1]
      For example, one of the things we have been negotiating with our radiologists is control of our costs in terms of common procedures like mamograms. One of the things they have just found we have almost doubled the rate in our program of mamograms and what we are finding is that the standards are substantially changing in that area.
    • 2000, Thomas B Kohnstamm, Lonely Planet Costa Rica Spanish Phrasebook, [2]
      mamogram la mamografía
    • 2002, T. Hartkens et al., “Using Points and Surfaces to Improve Voxel-Based Non-rigid Registration,” Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention — MICCAI 2002, Takeyoshi Dohi, Ron Kikinis edd. [3]
      The voxel-based non-rigid registration algorithm with which we have the greatest experience works well on a wide variety of data including pre-and post contrast MR mamograms [...]