man milk

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Alternative forms[edit]


man milk (uncountable)

  1. (slang) semen
    • 2010, Mickey Erlach, Boys Getting Ahead, page 25
      But, my mind was taken off the pain by the sensation of the man's cock unloading into my fuck hole. He pushed into me, sending jet after jet of sticky white man milk into the deepest part of my bowels.
    • 2008, Ted Gay, Uniforms & Cumsluts
      I sucked and sucked on his nuts, then he rammed his cock in my mouth again, and sure enough he was soon feeding me the sweetest, creamiest man-milk I'd ever tasted.
    • 2008, John Patrick, Come Again: Volume 2, page 79
      At the same time, Tonio pulled his cock out of my ass, shooting his own man-milk into the ground.