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From French mandrin, probably from Late Latin *mamphurinum, from Latin mamphur (a bow drill), ultimately from Oscan or Ancient Greek μαννοφόρον (mannophóron, wearing a collar), from μανά (maná, collar) + φέρω (phérō, to bear); first element cognate with Latin monile (collar).



mandrel (plural mandrels)

  1. A round object used as an aid for shaping a material, e.g. shaping or enlarging a ring, or bending or enlarging a pipe without creasing or kinking it.
  2. A tool or component of a tool that guides, grips or clamps something, such as a workpiece to be machined, a machining tool or a part while it is moved.
    • 1920, Lester Gray French, Machinery, Volume 26, page 491,
      This socket forms the starting point of the piercing operation, enabling the mandrel to center itself on the work.
    • 1961, Robert Sprenkle, David Ledet, The Art of Oboe Playing, page 46,
      When inserted into the staple, the outside of the mandrel should fit the inside of the staple exactly.


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