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From Italian mangiare (to eat), from Old French mangier (to eat), from Latin mandūcāre, present active infinitive of mandūcō (I eat). Cognate with English mungaree.


mangarie (uncountable)

  1. (Polari) Food
    • 2008, G. J. Leckie, Second Acts, page 231
      Amazing what a bit of mangarie can do.
    • 2011, Myron C. Peterson, Time Capsule-1944: A Story of World War II, page 145
      Mangarie,” we are saying, pressing the biscuits and tins of food into their hands.
    • 2012, Tony Broadbent, Shadows in the Smoke
      And, by the look of you, you could do with some mangarie, a good wash, and a proper night's kip.