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marja (berry) +‎ pussi (bag) --This game is a variant of a German card game, the French word for marriage: mariage, so called because a "marriage" of king and queen of the same color is an advantageous combination in it. The game was described in Frauenzimmer-Lexicon of 1715, and a currently played variant of it is known in Germany as Sechsundsechzig (sixty-six). The Finnish word marjapussi sounds somewhat similar and has become the Finnish name of this game.


  • IPA(key): [ˈmɑrjɑˌpusːi]
  • Hyphenation: mar‧ja‧pus‧si



  1. (literally) A pouch or bag of berries.
  2. (card games) A popular card game in Finland.


Inflection of marjapussi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative marjapussi marjapussit
genitive marjapussin marjapussien
partitive marjapussia marjapusseja
illative marjapussiin marjapusseihin
singular plural
nominative marjapussi marjapussit
accusative nom. marjapussi marjapussit
gen. marjapussin
genitive marjapussin marjapussien
partitive marjapussia marjapusseja
inessive marjapussissa marjapusseissa
elative marjapussista marjapusseista
illative marjapussiin marjapusseihin
adessive marjapussilla marjapusseilla
ablative marjapussilta marjapusseilta
allative marjapussille marjapusseille
essive marjapussina marjapusseina
translative marjapussiksi marjapusseiksi
instructive marjapussein
abessive marjapussitta marjapusseitta
comitative marjapusseineen

Derived terms[edit]