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Contraction of mathematics.


Alternative forms[edit]


maths (uncountable) (always singular)

  1. (informal, Commonwealth of Nations, except Canada) Clipping of mathematics.
    • 1980 August 21, Girls can do maths as well as boys, New Scientist, page 586,
      The conventional “commonsense” view now is that girls are conditioned both by family and teachers to believe that maths is a subject at which males excel, and that they believe they cannot be expected to comprehend its subtleties — so they don′t.
    • 2004, Miraca U.M. Gross, Exceptionally Gifted Children, page 229,
      At age 10, Ian was based with the Grade 6 students but was allowed to take maths with Grade 10 – a four-year grade advancement.
    • 2011, Clifford Matthews, IMechE Engineers′ Databook, Fourth edition, John Wiley & Sons, page 40,
      Most people who are forced to use maths have little idea what it is really about.





maths f (always plural)

  1. Clipping of mathématiques; math or maths (study of numbers, etc.; a course involving the study of numbers)
    Ce type-là, c'est une tronche en maths.
    That guy is a pro at math.