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From Latin, from matutinus (pertaining to morning), from Matuta (Roman goddess of the morning); related to Latin maturus (early) (compare mature).


matutine (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to early morning; occurring in the early morning; matutinal.
    • 1833, Captain Mundy, Pen and Pencil Sketches, from the Journal of a Tour in India, quoted in 1833, Recent Travels in Upper India, The Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal, Volume 57, page 362,
      During a residence of nearly two years in Switzerland, the first object that my eyes opened upon every morning was the snow-clad summit of Mount Blanc; and I thought that a glorious sight. But the glaciers that now form, next to the Omnipotent Being who created them, my first objects of matutine contemplation, present a battalion of icy pinnacles, amogst which Mount Blanc, with its pitiful fifteen thousand feet, would scarcely be admitted in the rear rank!
  2. (astrology) Before the sun (of the rising of a planet or star); that rises before the sun (of a planet or star).
    • 1817, Ebenezer Sibly, The New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology, Volume 2, Revised Edition, 1822 printing, page 1031,
      If, at the time of the matutine ſetting of the Dolphin, there be ſhowers, there will be none at the riſing of Arcturus. [] The matutine riſing of the greater Dog begetteth heat, troubleth the ſeas, and changeth all things.
    • 1975, Julius Firmicus Maternus], Jean Rhys Bram (translator), Ancient Astrology Theory And Practice: Matheseos libri VIII, page 39,
      Matutine planets are those which in their rising precede the Sun. [] We must also know in what conditions the matutine star rejoices and in what the vespertine star rejoices, for they are protected in a favorable position whenever they precede the Sun.
    • 1990, George Noonan, Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, page 14,
      The star indicates much trouble for the native in whose chart it is matutine rising or setting, but if the aspect is matutine culmination Arcturus brings riches and honor.


  • (of, relating to or occurring in early morning): matutinal

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  1. vocative masculine singular of mātūtīnus



  1. ablative singular of mane