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Alternative forms[edit]


1890, from mega +‎ karyocyte

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megakaryocyte (plural megakaryocytes)

  1. (anatomy) A large cell, found in bone marrow, responsible for the production of platelets.
    • 1890, W. H. Howell, “Observations upon the occurrence, structure, and function of the giant cells of the marrow”, in Journal of Morphology[1], volume 4, page 118:
      These have been described as giant cells with budding nuclei (Bizzozero [2]); but it seems to me that they are worthy of a more distinctive name. I shall speak of them hereafter as megakaryocytes, or large nucleated giant cells, while the first class might be named polykaryocytes, or multinucleated giant cells.
    • 1914, Wade H. Brown, “The histogenesis of blood platelets”, in Studies from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research[2], page 69:
      The evidence of formation of blood platelets from the megakaryocyte is conclusive. Except for the origin of platelets in the early embryo from a forerunner of the megakaryocyte, Wright recognizes no other source for blood platelets in mammals.
    • 2012, Alan D. Michelson, Platelets[3], page 28:
      Under appropriate culture conditions, the megakaryocyte burst-forming cell can develop into 40 to 500 megakaryocytes within 1 week.

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