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A c. 1942 US poster discouraging lounging in the men's room at work.
A men's room at Lassen Volcanic National Park (c. 1933) with urinal, toilet stalls, and sinks.
A Dutch 'men's room' (herenkamer).


Originally a clipped form of gentlemen's room, originally a separate waiting room for men in public buildings such as railway stations but by the appearance of men's room also used as a euphemism for men's lavatories.


men’s room (plural men's rooms)

  1. A lavatory intended for use by men, often including urinals in addition to toilets.
    • 1929, Daniel Nathan as "Ellery Queen", The Roman Hat Mystery, Ch. iii, p. 31:
      Search the lounge downstairs. The men's room, the ladies' room.
  2. Other rooms intended for use by men, as waiting rooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, &c.


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