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meno- +‎ -phobia


menophobia (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The fear of menopause.
    • 1992, Bettyann Kevles, book review, Los Angeles Times, 14 May 1992:
      Until her courageous effort, Sheehy suggests, menopause was a word seldom uttered aloud, certainly not in mixed company. She attributes this silence to "menophobia," fear of menopause.
    • 1995, Patricia J. Richter & Roger Duvivier, Midlife, Madness, or Menopause: Does Anyone Know What's Normal?, Chronimed Publishing (1995), →ISBN, page 1:
      Therefore, in this book, we have chosen to talk not just about menopause, but about independent, intelligent, menophobia-free aging — aging with dignity.
    • 2000, Kathleen J. Greider, "Perimenopause and Other Midlife Opportunities", in In Her Own Time: Women and Developmental Issues in Pastoral Care, Augsburg Fortress (2000), →ISBN, page 204:
      Though some women fall prey to "menophobia" and shun any female over thirty, most women enjoy increased sisterhood in midlife and are nourished by being comrades in the passage through perimenopause.