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Blend of menopause +‎ Porsche.


menoporsche (countable and uncountable, plural menoporsches)

  1. (uncountable, informal) Male mid-life crisis or andropause, especially the type that manifests in attempts to reclaim lost youth, such as buying a sports car.
    • 2005, Shari Rudavsky, "Manopause", Indianapolis Star, 14 March 2005:
      Some doctors believe that midlife crises often stem from men's waning testosterone levels. Dr. Harry Fisch, a New York physician and author of the "Male Biological Clock," drolly refers to the phenomenon as "menoporsche," noting that testosterone treatment may prove a better antidote for the condition than the purchase of a new sports car.
  2. (countable, informal) A sports car bought by a man during a mid-life crisis.
    • 2004, Antony Mason & Marina Muratore, The Bluffer's Guide to Men and Women, Oval Books (2004), →ISBN, page 45:
      At the onset of their mid-life crisis, along with the desire to recapture their lost youth, comes a yearning for the sexy, sleek, high-performance car of their dreams — the menoporsche.