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From mer- +‎ baby.


merbaby (plural merbabies)

  1. A baby mermaid or merman.
    • 1997, Elizabeth Lane, The Tycoon and the Townie, Harlequin (1997), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      "She should have stayed in the ocean where she belonged. She could have married some nice young merman and had some cute little merbabies and lived a long, happy life—"
    • 2003, Liz Kessler, The Tail of Emily Windsnap, Scholastic, →ISBN, page 57:
      There were mermaids with gold chains around slinky long tails, swimming along with little merchildren. One had a merbaby on her back, the tiniest little pink tail sticking out from under its sling.
    • 2009, Penny Kendal, Merbaby, Evans Brothers Limited (2009), →ISBN, page 35:
      But Anna held the merbaby tight and carried her towards the sea.