merry cocker

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A merry cocker.


merry cocker (plural merry cockers)

  1. (colloquial) A cocker spaniel
    • 1897, Rawdon Briggs Lee, A History and Description of the Modern Dogs of Great Britain and Ireland, page 227
      In fact the modern human beater — the fustian-clad yokel, with a long and stout stick and a stentorian cry of "Cock ! cock ! cock !" — has very long ago pretty well ousted the merry cockers or the more staid Clumber for driving the coverts; certainly an innovation not at all a desirable one.
    • 1931, "Garden Dog Show to Start Tuesday", in New York Times, Feb 8, 1931
      The merry Cocker now is one of the most popular of breeds.
    • 1967, Fresno Bee, The, September 1, 1967, Fresno, California
      Again, the merry cocker is coming back.