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Alternative forms[edit]


From meta- +‎ evolution.


metaevolution (usually uncountable, plural metaevolutions)

  1. (philosophy, biology) Beyond evolution. The evolution of the elements of evolutionary systems. Applying evolutionary concepts to non-living systems. Applying evolutionary concepts to individual learning and personal development. Examining the implications and future developments of evolution.
    • 1980, Erich Jantsch, "Ethics and Evolution," The North American Review, vol. 265, no. 3, p. 16:
      More recently, however, it has become increasingly realized that symbiosis is at the core of the evolution of evolutionary levels and mechanisms—of a metaevolution—in the microevolution of life.
    • 2004, Elías Palti, "The ‘Return of the Subject’ as a Historico-Intellectual Problem," History and Theory, vol. 43, no. 1, p. 76, note 53:
      The notion of event is also associated with that of metaevolution in biology (the evolution of the evolutionary processes themselves).
    • 2000, David Hunter Tow, "The Future of Life: Meta-Evolution: A Unified Theory of Evolution"