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In many Germanic languages and dialects modals can be stacked to combine their meanings; compare Scots micht cud.


might could

  1. (double modal / stacked modal, used in some dialects, chiefly Southern US) might be able to (used to soften "could" or make it even more conditional)
    • 1972-1991, Cyrus Colter, The Rivers of Eros →ISBN, page 133 [1]:
      "Grammaw, Mr. Hammer said today you know things you won't talk about. That if he knew more about what's goin' on he might could go to the police, or to a lawyer, and maybe have Dunreith Smith arrested again."
    • 2002-3, Michael Johnston, In the Deep Heart's Core →ISBN, page 172 [2]:
      "He might could go there anyway and stay on academic probation for a year and then start running, but they won't accept him if he don't have a high school diploma."

Usage notes[edit]

The conjugation (with the full verb "go", for example) is:

  • I might could go.
  • You might could go, John.
  • She might could go.
  • We might could go.
  • Y'all might could go. / Both of you might could go.
  • They might could go.

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