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From migla (fog, mist) +‎ -ains.


  • Hyphenation: mi‧glains


miglains (definite miglainais, comparative miglaināks, superlative vismiglainākais, adverb miglaini)

  1. (weather) foggy, misty, hazy (having fog, mist, haze)
    miglains laiksfoggy weather
    miglains rīts, vakarsfoggy morning, evening
    miglaina diena, naktsfoggy day, night
    miglains giassfoggy, misty air
  2. (of places) foggy, misty (characterized by constant, frequent foggy, misty weather)
    miglains purvsmisty, foggy swamp
    miglaina ielejamisty, foggy valley
  3. (of the sun) hazy (obscured by fog, mist)
    miglaina saulehazy sun
  4. (of eyes, look) hazy (dull, not shiny, not clear)
    zvejas vīra skatiens kļuva miglains kā pēc stiprāka dzēriena malkathe fisherman's look became hazy as a result of a shot of strong drink
  5. (of images) hazy, blurry (unclear, not sharp, not clearly visible)
    miglains fotoattēlsblurry photo
  6. hazy, unclear, faded (visually vague, without sharp contours, perhaps because of vision problems)
    redzēt miglainus burtusto see hazy, blurry, faded letters
  7. (of light) faint
    aiz logiem bija pelēka, miglaina gaismiņabehind the windows was a gray, hazy, faint light
  8. (figuratively, of topics, ideas, thoughts) hazy, unclear, poorly defined, not concrete}}
    miglainas idejashazy, foggy, unclear ideas
    miglains priekšstatsburry picture
    viņa atbildes ir miglainas, bez konkrēta saturahis answers are unclear, without concrete content


Derived terms[edit]