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mīllēnī m (feminine mīllēnae, neuter mīllēna); first/second declension

  1. (distributive) one thousand each; one thousand at a time
    • c. 400 CE, Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, On the Trinity 4.4
      Ea quippe nunc aetas agitur siue milleni anni singulis distribuantur aetatibus, siue in diuinis litteris memorabiles atque insignes quasi articulos temporum uestigemus ut prima aetas inueniatur ab Adam usque ad Noe, inde secunda usque ad Abraham, et deinceps sicut Matthaeus euangelista distinxit ab Abraham usque ad Dauid, a Dauid usque ad transmigrationem in Babyloniam, atque inde usque ad uirginis partum.
      For that is now the present age, whether a thousand years apiece are assigned to each age, or whether we trace out memorable and remarkable epochs or turning-points of time in the divine Scriptures, so that the first age is to be found from Adam until Noah, and the second thence onwards to Abraham, and then next, after the division of Matthew the evangelist, from Abraham to David, from David to the carrying away to Babylon, and from thence to the travail of the Virgin, which three ages joined to those other two make five.


First/second declension, no singular.

Number Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative mīllēnī mīllēnae mīllēna
genitive mīllēnōrum mīllēnārum mīllēnōrum
dative mīllēnīs
accusative mīllēnōs mīllēnās mīllēna
ablative mīllēnīs
vocative mīllēnī mīllēnae mīllēna

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