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From the character Caspar Milquetoast of the comic strip The Timid Soul, created by Harold Webster and first published in 1924 (named after the American dish milk toast).



milquetoast (comparative more milquetoast, superlative most milquetoast)

  1. Meek, timid.
    • 1951, Joseph W. Martin, Congressional Record, volume 97, part 14:
      The truth is that we are cursed with a “milquetoast” Government operating under “milquetoast” policies. Fear has become a national policy.
    • 2016, Christopher Kelly, The Pink Bus. Mapple Shade, New Jersey: Lethe Press. p. 80.
      And if Dick Leonard didn't appreciate Patrick's incisive criticism--if it inspired a streak of vindictiveness in his usually milquetoast boss and Dick ended up making his assistant's life miserable?


milquetoast (plural milquetoasts)

  1. (pejorative) A person of meek or timid disposition.

Derived terms[edit]