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From the pronoun mely (which), patterned after the pronouns ilyen (this kind of), olyan (that kind of). Its form may have been influenced also by the interrogative pronoun mi (what). Its original form was probably melyen, this is perhaps mely (interrogative pronoun) + -n (pronoun suffix). First attested in 1748.[1]


  • IPA(key): [ ˈmijɛn]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: mi‧lyen
  • Rhymes: -ɛn



  1. (adjectivally) what?, what kind of?
    Synonym: miféle
    Milyen színű az autód?What color is your car?
    Milyen ember a főnököd?What kind of person is your boss?
  2. (predicatively) whatlike?
    Milyen volt a nyaralásotok?What was your vacation like?
  3. (followed by an adverb or an adjective) to what extent?, how?, how much?
    Synonym: mennyire
    Milyen nagy a házatok?How big is your house?
  4. what (a) …!
    Synonym: de
    Milyen kár!What a pity!
    Milyen gyönyörű idő!What beautiful weather!


Inflection of milyen
singular plural
nominative milyen milyenek
accusative milyet
dative milyennek milyeneknek
instrumental milyennel milyenekkel
causal-final milyenért milyenekért
translative milyenné milyenekké
terminative milyenig milyenekig
essive-formal milyenként milyenekként
inessive milyenben milyenekben
superessive milyenen milyeneken
adessive milyennél milyeneknél
illative milyenbe milyenekbe
sublative milyenre milyenekre
allative milyenhez milyenekhez
elative milyenből milyenekből
delative milyenről milyenekről
ablative milyentől milyenektől
possessive - singular
milyené milyeneké
possessive - plural
milyenéi milyenekéi
Possessive forms of milyen
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. milyenem milyenjeim
2nd person sing. milyened milyenjeid
3rd person sing. milyenje milyenjei
1st person plural milyenünk milyenjeink
2nd person plural milyenetek milyenjeitek
3rd person plural milyenjük milyenjeik

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