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Alternative forms[edit]


From mind +‎ flow.


mindflow (plural mindflows)

  1. The flow, course, progression, or outflow of one's thinking or thoughts; thought-process.
    • 1845, Emma Robinson, Whitehall:
      But at last, I know not how the mind-flow drifted to it, our discourse turned on the modern English literature, to keep pace [...]
    • 1917, Katherine Augusta Westcott Tingley, Theosophical path:
      Freedom would therefore consist in perfect control of the mind-flow as to where it shall go or whether it shall go anywhere.
    • 2004, Nile Southern, The Candy Men:
      Aware of his ambivalence about "mindflow," and Kerouac's writing in particular (which Terry finds "cloyingly sentimental"), Krassner quizzed Terry on the Beat scene: [...]
    • 2009, Ronald Alexander, Lama Surya Das, Wise Mind, Open Mind:
      In mindfulness training, the key is for the meditator to notice the direction of the mind flow in every moment and redirect it when it's moving toward unwholesomeness.
    • 2012, Charles Landry, The Art of City Making:
      From the above we can say that every professional practice coalesces around a mindflow and a resulting default pattern in looking at the world – a mindset.

Related terms[edit]