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mini- +‎ studio


ministudio (plural ministudios)

  1. A small studio (in various senses).
    • 1988, Brent Hurtig, Multi-track recording for musicians
      Direct outputs can be found on many independent mixers designed for multi-track use, though virtually none of the ministudios have true direct outputs.
    • 2007 April 12, Michael Cieply, “Films From the Weinsteins Falter, but the Brothers Stay Focused”, in New York Times[1]:
      Yet Mr. Weinstein was also markedly buoyant, insisting that the ministudio had not so much failed in its aims as succeeded in ways not widely understood.
    • 2008, Paul Hellander, Greece
      ...this well-managed domatia features self-catering ministudios, along with a well-equipped communal kitchen and terrace, all about 30m from the water.