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From misdemeanour +‎ -ous.


misdemeanourous (comparative more misdemeanourous, superlative most misdemeanourous)

  1. Alternative form of misdemeanorous
    • 1989, Asutosh Mookerjee, Juvenile justice: an in-depth study on matters relating to children, page 106:
      All crimes are either 'feloneous' or 'misdemeanourous'.
    • 2010 comment on blog
      I am now back on track with my diet after our misdemeanourous day on Saturday (not sure of spelling).
    • 2015 comment on Arabic website
      Psychotherapy in prison has numerous / several goals / purposes including promotion of prisoners' awareness level as well as prevention and reduction of committing / perpetrating crime / misdemeanour and returning to criminal /misdemeanourous behaviors