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Created by J. R. R. Tolkien in his constructed language Sindarin, from mith (grey) + ril (glitter).



mithril (uncountable)

  1. (fantasy) A fictional silvery metal of great strength and value, primarily in fantasy and role-playing settings.
    • 1993, David Ladyman, Shay Addams, Quest for Clues: The Manual of Swords, page 124:
      In order to get the iron ore, mithril and leather strap, you must do the following.
    • 1995, Peter Olafson, Thunderscape: The Official Strategy Guide, page 128:
      Open the double doors to the south and get the mithril plate boots and mithril chain leggings.
    • 2012, Matthew Mackenzie, The History of Valin Sol: the Decay Years: Book 1 Rise of Decay, page 113:
      Once the elf brought in the mithril chainmail shirt, the mithril bracers and leg guards he handed the items to Lord Kale, he put them in the magical pouch on his side for later use, in his mind he knew he had to die for his friends in the near future.
    • 2012, J. Michael Fluck, Dragon Alliance: Rise Against Shadow, page 422:
      A gold dragon's fire could melt iron and steel in seconds, depending on its quality, but this heat only made mithril malleable. Ordin quickly placed a steel rod into the rough mithril sword blank to increase its mass.