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molest +‎ -able


molestable (not comparable)

  1. That can be molested.
    • 1993, Susan Fraiman, Unbecoming Women: British Women Writers and the Novel of Development
      Whereas Clement and Merton immediately place the illegitimate Evelina in the class of molestable not marriageable women...
    • 1994, Cleo Odzer, Patpong sisters: an American woman's view of the Bangkok sex world‎
      I could understand his touching Nok, but did he view every female as molestable?
    • 1997, John Weckert, Douglas Adeney, Computer and information ethics‎
      [] allow their virtual selves to be metamorphosed by VR technology into those of molestable children.
    • 2010, Tomas Moniz, Rad Dad (volume 18)
      In constantly declaring that children are molestable we are making them into bodies that draw attention to their molestability.