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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. A plural of money
    • 1722, National Debt Act 1722, Great Britain:
      And to the end and intent that sufficient monies may be raised to make up the said principal sum of one million two hundred and four thousand seven hundred eighty six pounds three shillings and four pence three farthings, and to complete the redemption of the said annuities amounting to sixty thousand two hundred thirty nine pounds six shillings and two pence per annum;...
    • 1951, Theresa Birch Wilkins, Scholarships and Fellowships Available at Institutions of Higher Education, page 1:
      Many of the institutions reported monies available and awarded without reporting the number of scholarships represented by these sums.
    • 2004, EPA Funds Available for Forestry Projects, page 3:
      A wide variety of projects can be funded with monies available under Section 319.
  2. plural of mony

Usage notes[edit]

Often used in legal or financial contexts, with the implication that a number of different sources of money or types of currency are being handled.