monster cock

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Alternative forms[edit]


monster cock (plural monster cocks)

  1. A very large penis.
    • 2005, Nadeem Brown, Dirty Little Secret: What No One Ever Tells You About Internet, page 52
      Just because a man's got a monster cock, that doesn't mean he wants to share it with the adult Internet.
    • 2009, Richard Labonté, Daddies: Gay Erotic Stories, link
      Take that monster cock. I know you love it, boy. You love being Daddy's hole.
    • 2009, M. Christian, Dirty Words: Provocative Gay Erotica, page 45
      No fucking way-he would have a monster cock, right? A weird cock, a twisted, patched-up, piebald, bent, and swollen thing- that's what would be hanging between Monster's legs, right?
    • 2011, Wayne Turner, Shadows of Yesterday: The Singer and His Philandering Ways, page 44
      She was on lollipop duty; it was time for her to suck, not massage, so she wrapped her lips around the rigid monster cock and gently began to suck.
    • 2011, John Racine, Slave Mistress, page 67
      He shoved forward and her virgin ass split as his huge monster cock entered.