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From moon +‎ glade.


moonglade (plural moonglades)

  1. (poetic, rare) The bright reflection of moonlight on a body of water.
    • 1913, Advance (volume 98, page 232)
      Moonglade and sunglade on ocean or lake have a haunting and suggestive beauty. The reflected lane of light supplies what the mind craves in a picture—a path that seems to lead to some place of unknown and longed-for happiness []
    • 1921, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Efficiency Expert:
      Heaven was full of silent stars, and there was a moonglade on the water that stretched almost from him to Rose.
    • 1945, Edmund Gilligan, Voyage of the Golden Hind:
      The sea shimmered there, and turned, at last, into a moonglade, through which she glided handsomely.
    • 1977, Poul Anderson, Mirkheim:
      a double moonglade on the Auroral Ocean


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