mud wrestling

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Alternative forms[edit]


mud wrestling (uncountable)

  1. A form of entertainment in which people wrestle in mud.
    • 1986, High fidelity, Volume 36, Issues 1-6; Volume 36, Issues 1-6
      "I don't like female mudwrestling, It's stupid, it's embarrassing"
    • 1994, John Coborn, John Coborn, The mini-atlas of snakes of the world, Snippet
      There is also the story of the brave young man who makes his living mudwrestling with anacondas.
    • 1995, Anne Taylor Fleming, Anne Taylor Fleming, Motherhood Deferred: A Woman's Journey, Snippet
      They were like mudwrestling, a spectator sport that had sprouted up during the seventies and eighties
    • 1998, Joshua Gamson, Freaks talk back: tabloid talk shows and sexual nonconformity, page 302
      a superbly researched and fascinating foray into the netherworld of the daytime television mudwrestling arena.
    • 1998, Vibe, Aug 1998, page 44
      There, amid the curses and catcalls of sweaty beer drinkers, the tour's headliners are set to engage in a hallowed feminist ritual:
    • 2005, Scott Thumma, Edward R. Gray, Gay religion, page 343
      and include everything from campouts to contests to select a leatherman or Ieatherboy to mudwrestling events.
  2. (figuratively) A dirty and disreputable dispute.
    • 1996 February 26, Michael Tomasky, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”, in New York Magazine[1]:
      We know our school system is beset by mayhem and indifference. We know all about the petty, niece-nephew-and-cousin-hiring satraps who populate the local school boards. And we know about the political mud-wrestling matches over too many millions of dollars and thousands of bureaucrats to imagine.
    • 2002 November 15–December 16, Congressional Record, volume 148, Part 17, page 23051:
      When will we stop the political mud wrestling and begin to wrestle with the most potentially destructive force ever to challenge this Nation?
    • 2004, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, The F-word: feminism in jeopardy: women, politics, and the future, page 237:
      Voting isn't seen as a civic duty when politicians aren't civil. Think about the country's love affair with the presidency during JFK's Camelot era, and contrast that to the mud wrestling of today. For many, either the love affair is over, or the spark never even sparked.

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