muff diver

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See also: muffdiver and muff-diver


Alternative forms[edit]


muff diver (plural muff divers)

  1. (vulgar, slang) One who performs cunnilingus.
    • 1958, Rolfe Humphries (tr.), Juvenal (author), "The Ninth Satire: On the griefs of a career man", in The Satires of Juvenal, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, page 113,
      Why does your face have the look that Ravola’s had when they caught him, / The muff-diver, getting his beard all wet in Rhodope’s you-know?
    • 1975, Conrad Bromberg, Actors, in Actors and at Home, Dramatists Play Service, Inc., →ISBN, page 11,
      DAVE. I do. I’m a Jew (Goes into routine.) Marx told us nothing, Freud told us why. […] Mailer’s a mainstream muff diver, screaming, “Go down, Moses, it’ll clean your teeth!”
    • 2007, Nickolas Vassili, So Much Pleasure, So Little Pain, self-published, →ISBN, page 51,
      “New Yoi’kers are nothin’ more than dir-ty, fil-thy, rotten muff-divers! Do you he-ah!” Turning his head slowly, without moving his body, Ober stared at each New Yorker in turn, finishing on my corpulent presence with a deep scowl of disgust. “I’ve ne-vah known one of them who wasn’t…a dir-ty, fil-thy, rotten muff-diver! Nevah!!!”