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Alternative forms[edit]


From Arabic مولاي.



mulai ‎(plural mulais)

  1. A title for the ruler of Morocco.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essayes, London: Edward Blount, OCLC 946730821, II.21:
      Moly Moluch, King of Fez, who not long since obtained that famous victory against Sebastian, King of Portugall, a notable victorie by reason of the death of three Kings, and transmission of so great a Kingdome to the crowne of Castile, chanced to be grievously sicke at what time the Portugales with armed hand entred his dominions [].
    • 1973, Nikshoy C Chatterji, Muddle of the Middle East, vol.II, p.228:
      Mulay Hafiz appealed to France. France immediately responded by sending a sizable expeditionary force to occupy Morocco.
    • 1992, Ivan van Sertima, Golden Age of the Moor, Journal of African Civilizations Ltd., 2009, p.4:
      One very famous Sultan, Moulai Ismail of Meknes, in Morocco, had as many as 25,000 European slaves who participated in the building of his colossal stables.




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