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multi- +‎ documents


multidocuments pl (plural only)

  1. Multiple documents.
    • 1996, Edward G. Martin, Charles S. Parker, Mastering today's software:
      A powerful tool (and challenge) is the capability to work with multidocuments simultaneously.
    • 1996, James R. Sawers, Margaret M. R. Eastman, Process Industry Procedures and Training Manual, →ISBN, page 272:
      There are multidocuments in this program — Job Analysis, Training Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Skills Demonstrations, Compliance Verification, and General Purpose Documents.
    • 2005, Alan Hartman, David Kreische, Model Driven Architecture - Foundations and Applications: First European Conference:
      There are also various auxiliary technologies and standards that are used to provide more sophisticated mechanisms, such as for relating elements across multi-documents.
    • 2015, Bater Makhabel, Learning Data Mining with R, →ISBN, page 259:
      First, we need to build summaries on the set of old documents' dataset, which means multidocuments' summarization.