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  1. (intransitive) to suck
  2. (transitive) to suck up, to absorb


Tone class L
Infinitive ukumunca
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular munca munce
Plural muncani munceni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyamunca, ngimunca ngimunca ngimunce
2nd singular uyamunca, umunca umunca umunce
1st plural siyamunca, simunca simunca simunce
2nd plural niyamunca, nimunca nimunca nimunce
Class 1 uyamunca, umunca emunca amunce
Class 2 bayamunca, bamunca bemunca bamunce
Class 3 uyamunca, umunca umunca umunce
Class 4 iyamunca, imunca imunca imunce
Class 5 liyamunca, limunca limunca limunce
Class 6 ayamunca, amunca emunca amunce
Class 7 siyamunca, simunca simunca simunce
Class 8 ziyamunca, zimunca zimunca zimunce
Class 9 iyamunca, imunca imunca imunce
Class 10 ziyamunca, zimunca zimunca zimunce
Class 11 luyamunca, lumunca lumunca lumunce
Class 14 buyamunca, bumunca bumunca bumunce
Class 15 kuyamunca, kumunca kumunca kumunce
Class 17 kuyamunca, kumunca kumunca kumunce
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngimuncile, ngimunce bengimunca
2nd singular umuncile, umunce ubemunca
1st plural simuncile, simunce sibemunca
2nd plural nimuncile, nimunce nibemunca
Class 1 umuncile, umunce ubemunca
Class 2 bamuncile, bamunce bebemunca
Class 3 umuncile, umunce bewumunca
Class 4 imuncile, imunce beyimunca
Class 5 limuncile, limunce belimunca
Class 6 amuncile, amunce abemunca
Class 7 simuncile, simunce besimunca
Class 8 zimuncile, zimunce bezimunca
Class 9 imuncile, imunce beyimunca
Class 10 zimuncile, zimunce bezimunca
Class 11 lumuncile, lumunce belumunca
Class 14 bumuncile, bumunce bebumunca
Class 15 kumuncile, kumunce bekumunca
Class 17 kumuncile, kumunce bekumunca
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngamunca ngangimunca
2nd singular wamunca wawumunca
1st plural samunca sasimunca
2nd plural namunca nanimunca
Class 1 wamunca wayemunca
Class 2 bamunca babemunca
Class 3 wamunca wawumunca
Class 4 yamunca yayimunca
Class 5 lamunca lalimunca
Class 6 amunca ayemunca
Class 7 samunca sasimunca
Class 8 zamunca zazimunca
Class 9 yamunca yayimunca
Class 10 zamunca zazimunca
Class 11 lwamunca lwalumunca
Class 14 bamunca babumunca
Class 15 kwamunca kwakumunca
Class 17 kwamunca kwakumunca
1st singular ngizomunca
2nd singular uzomunca
1st plural sizomunca
2nd plural nizomunca
Class 1 uzomunca
Class 2 bazomunca
Class 3 uzomunca
Class 4 izomunca
Class 5 lizomunca
Class 6 azomunca
Class 7 sizomunca
Class 8 zizomunca
Class 9 izomunca
Class 10 zizomunca
Class 11 luzomunca
Class 14 buzomunca
Class 15 kuzomunca
Class 17 kuzomunca


Derived terms[edit]