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The planet Earth as seen from space


From French mondialisation, from mondial (global, worldwide) + -isation; or from Latin mundus (the world) +‎ -ization, by analogy with the French word.



mundialization (uncountable)

  1. An ideology based on the solidarity and diversity of global citizens and the creation of supranational laws, intended as a response to dehumanizing aspects of globalization.
    • 1978, Israel W. Charny, editor, Strategies Against Violence: Design for Nonviolent Change, Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, →ISBN, page 315:
      The mundialization movement was born in Hiroshima, in 1945, when the surviving citizens declared their resolve to work for a world federation that would make impossible any repetition of the tragedy that their city had undergone.
    • 1988, Peace Research Reviews, volume 11, Oakville, Ont.: Canadian Peace Research Institute, ISSN 0553-4283, OCLC 1641606, page 19:
      Mundialization is a psychological mechanism toward peace by which the "in-group" is enlarged until it encompasses all humans.
    • 2003, Juan Poblete, Critical Latin American and Latino Studies (Cultural Studies of the Americas; 12), Minneapolis, Minn.; London: University of Minnesota Press, →ISBN, page 59:
      Renato Ortiz made the distinction between globalization and "mundialization" (that is, between the global and the worldly).

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