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mystifying +‎ -ly


mystifyingly (comparative more mystifyingly, superlative most mystifyingly)

  1. In a way that mystifies.
    • 2009, January 23, “Kenneth Johnson”, in Aesthetic Withdrawal in the Quest for Ideas[1]:
      A wall label mystifyingly explains that it represents “a single silver particle from a vintage gelatin silver photographic print of ‘Reclining Figure No. 4, 1955’ by Henry Moore” enlarged 300,000 times.
    • 2011 June 4, Phil McNulty, “England 2 - 2 Switzerland”, in BBC[2]:
      Capello mystifyingly left Ashley Young out despite a match-winning display in the Euro 2012 qualifier win in Wales in March and he only underlined the folly of the decision by emerging as substitute at half-time and striking a fine equaliser six minutes after coming on.