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Diminutive +‎ -y.


nakey (comparative more nakey, superlative most nakey)

  1. (informal or childish or affectionate) naked
    • 2007, Nick Smith, Undead on Arrival, Luath Press Ltd., page 92:
      "'You may be used to parading nakey in front of strangers, but I'm not.'"
    • 2009, Jean Montgomery, A Field of Angels, iUniverse, page 19:
      "'Well hello my nakey baby. Where are your pajamas?'"
    • 2012, Deborah St.Hilaire, Divalution: The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva, AuthorHouse, page 73:
      "New rule of thumb: The older you get, the more you should cover but you can always be nakey at home."